welcome to radical graphics studios

We are an indie development studio

What we do

We imagine, design, develop, test and create entertainment software as Web Apps, Games and Gamification solutions.

We build worlds

More than a decade on the game industry gives to our crew an invaluable experience on game design.

for you to explore

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We create experiences

We shape your system and the way the user interacts with it. We believe on delivering exciting and engaging experiences

that you will remember

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We design interactions

The machine should surrender to the human and create an easy to learn, optimized, smart and exciting way of interact with it

for optimal experiences

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We love what we do

Of course! Our team has been here since the beginning of The Internet and even before. We still love what we do, our passion is our strength.

And love is always good

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how we work

Cups of coffee
Say that we rock!
Will you?

Our skills

We are proud of having developed some key skills for our adventures

Targeting the people not only the device

We crave for memorable experiences and we want to make it so for everything that we do. We have a high quality standards on the experience we create. We grew up with 8-bit systems, we know what a great experience is like ;-)

Hands on crafting

Condisering ourselves as code agnostics, we always try to build a prototype as soon as possible. Following the latests technologies available, we have no fear on getting our hands dirty with new projects. We currently work with Python, Javascript or C#, on frameworks like Django or Unity

Gamification labs

Through this new technique, called gamification, we apply game mechanics to other environments aiming to solve problems, achieve better levels of engagement and promote desirable behaviours through fun. Improving the user experience through fun can succesfully motivate users improving the overall experience of the product

Experience on the full software cycle

Several years of experience on a wide array of projects gives us an advantage when putting ourselves on somebody's shoes: Pitching, Designing, Prototyping, Developing, Quality Assuring, Deployment, Maintenance... We have been working on every phase of the software cycle. Tell us your story, we will understand you.


Even though we are a start-up effort, our team has a valuable experience on working on top titles.

Projects where our experience, hard work and heart went

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meet the team

José Gómez de Lara

Cofounder - CTO

Game Industry senior: Engineer, UX and Gamification specialist.

Manuel González

Cofounder - Creative Director

QA Specialist, Web Designer and Developer.

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About Us

Indie Development Studio based in Amsterdam, Europe.
Games Industry veterans (AAA console & MMO) going indie to the exciting future: Unity, Ouya, Mobile, Web Apps, Gamification & Oculus Rift.

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